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The Hazards of Health!

My friends Drew and Kimy simul-posted this on the FaceBook today:

And I say — NO NO NO!


Yes! Between childhood vaccines and the yearly “OHMYGODWE’REALLGONNADIE” shots that they want us to get every flu season, we’ll soon be totally under control of the Powers That Be!

Vaccinations are a clandestine delivery system for truly sinister bio-ware. The tiny remote-control computer bits enter your bloodstream, travel up to the brain and settle in your synapses, influencing all of the electrical connections, impulses and random thoughts throughout your entire life and BEYOND!

Think about it… all They’d have to do to initiate the much-touted Zombie Apocalypse would be to remotely re-activate all of the nanobots in the dead brain cells of all the corpses who’ve ever received a vaccination. A few jump-started cells in the cerebral cortex and the cerebellum, and VIOLA! An army of walking dead!

Not that I’m against the Zombie Apocalypse — not even a little bit. However, I stand with my undead brethren and sistren in favor of free-will for all, dead or alive. Zombies have rights too! They have the right to choose NOT to be hapless marionettes in the Conspiracy’s sick games! When the dead walk, they should be able to choose their own path!

Also, I’m glad I don’t have kids.

Away It Goes

I’m always coming up with ideas at the most inopportune times. “Hey, yeah, THAT! I should write about THAT!” But I’m in the midst of getting on the bus or in a class or on the phone or whatever, I don’t stop to write it down, and I never see my lovely idea again.

I’m sure I had two or three of them show up and disappear already this morning. It’s like dreams — if you don’t get them down right away, you’ll lose them forever, and the bits that do stay don’t make any sense.

I should start a blog totally devoted to dream images and symbolism! I bet no one’s ever done that before! </sarcasm> Anyway, that’s kind of what my whole life is about. I look at symbols and interpret them in light of other symbols. Switch perspectives, and do it again. Every part of existence itself is just a metaphor for another part of existence.

And if that’s the case, everything we do has meaning.

Suddenly I feel better.

Empower This


"Empowerment." What does that even mean? It’s a stupid, sneaky buzzword used by people who think they’re in a position to save others from themselves. The minute you talk about "empowering" someone else, you’ve put yourself above them.

Know what would “empower” the downtrodden? If people would quit talking to them like they’re 8 years old.

You can’t GIVE someone real power. You can treat them as  equals, though, and they might find it themselves. If not, then they didn’t want it badly enough anyway.

Want a reading?

I’m here, if anyone’s interested.

The Death card doesn’t mean you’re going to die. The future is so flexible — every time you make a decision, it changes — these readers who claim they can tell you exactly what’s going to happen are full of shit. I see probabilities, opportunities and choices.

The Death card doesn’t mean endings; it means change. You don’t have to be afraid of that. I don’t see death in the cards. I see life. Whether or not you’re afraid of that is up to you.

Nilly Rambus wants to be YOUR imaginary friend, too!

Nilly Rambus wants to be YOUR imaginary friend, too!


Well, now I’m on Tumblr. I’ve also got a FaceBook with multiple pages for all my business and performance ideas. I’ve got a Twitter that I rarely use, but it’s there. I’m on Google + (ha ha, it’s still in beta). I signed up for ModelMayhem a couple of weeks ago (mostly just got PMs from people who want to talk dirty to me. What the hell; it’s free.) My WordPress is languishing a bit, but I did manage to clear out over 200 comments last night. Mr. Spammy is my biggest fan. He’s very prolific.

I’m on Second Life — wish we could all just do that; social media in customizable 3d is way more fun.

I’m an admin on several other FB pages and forums. I’ve got my own wiki, seller accounts with Amazon and eBay and CafePress and Zazzle and of course my own ZenCart installed on my own website. At the moment, I’m fighting with my Drupal installs, trying to get multiple CMSs to work so that other people can come to my sites and read my content and contribute there, too.

I’ve even got a LiveJournal, a MySpace and a Friendster stashed back there in the storage room somewhere. And, somewhere in the depths of monochromatic text-based time, I’m sure my Cyberspace BBS account is still valid. Is there an app for Telex?

I’m Cloud-based. I speak 1337 and Meme and LOLcat. I’ve been to /b/.

I can do most of this with my phone, too, so that I don’t miss a single moment of sociability.

The funny thing is that I really just like my computer more than I like most people. I’m not being that social; I’m only communicating with one other mind: the Internet itself.



is so great about this vs. Wordpress?

Next day edit: Ah, I see.